Rose C. Liao

 Assistant Professor
Finance Department
Rutgers Business School
1 Washington Park 1152
 Newark, NJ 07029
Email: liaoatbusinessdobtrutgersdotedu  




 “The Joint Determinants of Debt Maturity and Cash Holdings: The Case for Financial Constraints” (with Ivan Brick), Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, forthcoming

State Capitalism’s Global Reach: Evidence from Foreign Acquisitions by State-owned Companies, (with G. Andrew Karolyi), Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming   

Active Block Investors and Corporate Governance around the World, (with Hugh Kim and Yan Wang), Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 2015,  181-194

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 A (Partial) Resolution of the Chinese Discount Puzzle: The 2001 Deregulation of the B-share Market” (With G. Andrew Karolyi and Lianfa Li), Journal of Financial Economic Policy, 2009, V1 (1), 80-106.

Working Papers

 The Decreasing Returns of Serial Acquirers around the World” (with Andrew Karolyi and Gilberto Loureiro)

Corporate Fire Sales: Evidence from the Sale of Minority Equity Stakes” (with Serdar Dinc and Isil Erel), conditionally accepted at Journal of Financial Economics

The Economic Consequences of Investor Relations: A Global Perspective” (with G. Andrew Karolyi), 3nd round at Journal of Financial Economics

"What Drives Corporate Inversions? International Evidence" (with Burcin Col and Stefan Zeume), under review at Journal of Financial Economics


“Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Capital Structure around the World” (with Bernadette Minton and Rohan Williamson)